Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free Online Balloon Industry Design and Calculator Tool from Chris Adamo, CBA.

I am so excited to be able to share with you a fabulous new FREE Online Balloon Industry Design and Calculator from the fabulous Chris Adamo, CBA, of Balloons Online, in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Chris Adamo, CBA
Chris is one of those guys who loves to find an easier solution. Last year he designed a fabulous tool - the confetti applicator. As we all know getting confetti to distribute evenly and not clump up inside a balloon is not an easy task. However, Chris solved this problem by designing a tool that is easy to make and gives perfect results every time! If you missed this post, click HERE. Chris is always keen to share a great tip or technique, and once again he is sharing another fabulous tool!

The Balloon Design and Calculator Tool is a project that Chris has been working on for some time. And after many months of work, he is ready to share this tool with the balloon industry!

There are four tools to work with: the Quick Link Designer, a Balloon Column Calculator, a Balloon Arch Calculator and a Ceiling Fill Calculator.

Quick Link Designer.

This is a very comprehensive tool that allows us to create three different styles of 
Qualatex® Quick Link walls and structures, such as letters or numbers. I know that I am not very confident when creating designs with Quick Links and this is going to be a fabulous help for me!

Chris has produced some short, easy-to-follow and understand video tutorials, I recommend that you watch them first before you start to play with the software.

Balloons Online Design Tool - Introduction

Balloons Online Design Tool - 12" Quick Link Grid

Balloons Online Design Tool - 12" X-Pattern Designer

Balloons Online Design Tool - 6" Grid Designer


Balloon Column Calculator

This is a great tool, it allows us to calculate the number of balloons required to make a 4-balloon cluster Column. All you have to do is add the height that you wish your column to be and to what size you want your balloons inflated and the calculator tool will tell you how many clusters of balloons and the number of balloons you will need!

Balloon Arch Calculator

Here you have a choice of type of Arch you are planning to make: A String of Pearl or Garland Arch.
I love these tools, the String of Pearl Arch tool will really help many people when working out how many balloons they will need for their Arches - it even allows for gaps between balloons! All you have to do is add the height and width of the arch, then the inflated balloon size and the gap length if appropriate. The tool will give you the total Arch length and the number of balloons you will require to make your Arch!

The Garland tool will calculate the total number of balloons required when making a 4-balloon cluster garland. Once again, it's super easy-to-use, making calculating for a Garland so very quick!

Ceiling Fill Calculator

This is such a fantastic tool. Last year I had to quote a few times for a room filled with balloons! Luc Bertrand, CBA of WaW Balloon in Vichte, Belgium, very kindly helped me with his system and it was perfect! If you missed this post, click HERE.
Chris has created this calculator that will allow you to work out the number of balloons required to fill a ceiling space, and the really great thing is that you can add up to three different sizes of balloons!

Here is a short video clip that will show you how each of these tools work:

Are you ready? Here is a link to the Balloon Industry Design and Calculator Tool, click HERE.

I have already bookmarked this address to my desktop, so I can find it very easily when I need it!

A huge thank you to Chris for creating such fabulous software and for sharing it with the balloon industry.

I know that Chris is very happy for any feedback. You can either leave comments on the blog or contact him directly at

Happy Ballooning!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Look at Colour Trends for Spring 2017

Design by Shannon Kilford of Born to Party, Mosman, NSW, Australia.

The Pantone® Colour of the Year 2017 is "Greenery." It is described by Pantone as "A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature's greens revive, restore and renew."

Photo courtesy of
Spring Garden inspired Vibiana Wedding.

photography: Luke and Katherine Griffin from Max and Friends // venue: The Vibiana Los Angeles, California // event design: Lace & Likes
Checking out the latest colour trends is always exciting. I love to see what we can expect to see happening in the balloon industry over future months! Greenery is not just a colour, it is also a term for green foliage that can work incredibly well with balloons! I love the simplicity of the 3' White balloons with a foliage garland attached to each of the balloons! You could work with real foliage, or if you have a good floral wholesaler, you could use artificial greenery garlands as a great alternative. These are the Qualatex® balloon colours that I believe will work really well with this trend: Spring Green, Lime Green, Green, and of course, the Green Rainbow SuperAgate®.

Here are some more fabulous decor ideas that incorporate balloons with foliage and flowers. I love this trend!
Photo courtesy of
Surprise Party by Casa de Perrin.

photography: Paige Jones Photo // florals: Moon Canyon Design // balloons: Geronimo Balloons 

I love this beautiful table setting by QBN member Shannon Kilford of Born to Party in Mosman, NSW, Australia. Shannon worked in collaboration with a florist to create this truly unique and elegant table that was featured in HORRAY Magazine!
Design by Shannon Kilford of Born to Party, Mosman, NSW, Australia.

Design by Shannon Kilford of Born to Party, Mosman, NSW, Australia.

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017

In addition to Greenery, Pantone has predicted other colours that will be "hot" this spring. 

This is how Pantone describes the collection - "A Mixture of Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors. 
From colors that are bright and vivid to those that convey a sense of earthiness, our top 10 colors for spring 2017 are reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature." 

So these are the colours that we can expect some of our customers to be requesting us to use for their decor! Let's see how we can work with some of them in the decor that we make.

Pink Yarrow and Flame is a fantastic colour combination that has been popular since last spring, although I would say that the colours are a little more vibrant this year. Last year it was known as Strawberry and Tangerine. We used this combination for a range of designs that myself and José Luthman, CBA, of Fiesta Mulhouse Ballonrama in Meulan, France, created for a Qualatex course - Wedding Series 3.

I believe that Orange, Wild Berry, Pearl Mandarin Orange and Pearl Magenta really suit this fabulous colour combination. I also think that we could use Goldenrod and Rose when combining these colours together to create different tones.

Fabulous 3' Orange and Pink balloon decor with ribbons and floral table arrangements.
I would love to credit the designer. Please let me know if you created this fabulous table setting!

Island Paradise is definitely a colour that we all recognise and love! 

Qualatex Caribbean Blue is the perfect balloon choice to match this beautiful shade of Blue.

This is a very popular colour for weddings and also for parties, too! Here is a great design by Balloon Artistry, in Chestnut Ridge, NY, U.S.A. They used this colour theme to create a stunning bat mitzvah at Florentine Gardens, New Jersey.

Balloon Decor by Balloon Artistry,  Chestnut Ridge, NY, U.S.A

Colour is a very big part of what we do every day! Being aware of colour trends and fashions is extremely important! Watch out for a follow-up post coming soon with the fabulous Shannon Kilford of Born to Party. Shannon will share with us one of her newest installations, using foliage, Bubbles, and White balloons with Gold accent confetti balloons! Excited, I know I am!

Happy Ballooning!



Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring is in the Air!

It's almost springtime for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and I for one cannot wait! I think spring is one of my favourite seasons. I love the vibrancy of colours that show through even on grey days.

Along with spring, we have a number of great seasonal events, such as Mother's Day. The dates vary greatly around the world, but for many of us, we celebrate our Mother's Day in March. We also have Easter, which falls on April 16th this year.

This is the perfect time of year to create something exciting, bright, and fun to display in your store windows.

Here are a few ideas that will work really well for spring decor. I love the topiary-style to create decor. You can keep it simple by creating the 12-balloon cluster ball, or you can add like I have, some extra elements such as smaller balloon clusters, tissue tuffs, and even glitter balloons.

If you saw my post last month about how to make glitter balloons, you will love the vibrant lime green version that I have shown below. I have used these within the design to add a little sparkle!

If you would like to learn how to make these fabulous glitter balloons, click HERE

This design is made up of a smaller topiary ball with under-inflated 5" balloons added, along with silk flowers, feathers, and bows. This would be fabulous for Mother's Day decor.

Here are some more great ideas for spring decor, Mother's Day, and Easter!

I love this Smile Face flower. It is so simple to make! Start with the base and create a 4-balloon cluster. I used  11" "Green Rainbow" SuperAgate® for this, then add a 4-balloon cluster using 5" Green balloons. The stem is made from 2 - 350Q balloons joined together with 2 - 160Q balloons to create leaves and hide the mechanics. You can add a few of these at the base, too. Finally, make the flower. I recommend that you make all the air-filled parts first. This would be the two 5" clusters in the centre. You will need two sets, one for the front and the other for the back. Now inflate 5 - 16" Smile Face balloons with helium. I strongly recommend that you Hi-Float these to ensure that the design will last. Now make a 5-balloon cluster with the 16" balloons and add the air-filled clusters to each side. Finally, secure the flower to the 350Q stem and — voila you have this fun Smile Face flower!

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate our wonderful mothers, and balloons are the perfect choice of gift, especially for children. I love to make small characters and add a helium-filled balloon arrangement. It really does add value and makes a complete design.

This lovely "To A Wonderful Mum Cupcake" is so pretty! I added a chain of Caribbean Blue 160Q bubbles around the edge of this air-filled foil and a little bow to add value and colour.

Who cannot resist the 40" "Beaming Bee" Microfoil® balloon! I added it to a little helium filled balloon arrangement with 18" "I Love you M(Heart)M Butterfly," along with a cute little Smile Face character, which is all air-filled making the perfect Mother's Day gift!

I love this super cute frog! Huge visual impact with minimal balloons used to make this fabulous design! 


How about making one of these fabulous "I love you Mum Flower Bouquets?" Designed by Shirley Ray, CBA, of Balloons by Magic, Leeds, U.K. For full downloadable instructions click HERE.

Or how about this beautiful design "Floral Sentiments" designed by Bob Armstrong, CBA, of Doctor Bob Balloons Unlimited, Barry, Wales. For full downloadable instruction click HERE.

I made this cute rabbit in 2010! The body was made using a 20" Qualatex® Deco Bubble, filled with under-inflated 11" ‟Big Polka Dot” to represent Easter eggs. You can use 5" Big Polka Dots as an alternative.
The head of the rabbit was made using the distortion technique. If you would like to learn how to make the head, click HERE. 

This is a lovely and really easy design to make.

Material List:

4 - 11" Orange latex balloons
4 - 5" Yellow latex balloons
1 - 12" Yellow Quick Link Balloon™
2 - 160Q Orange
1 - 18" ‟Baby Chick” Microfoil balloon.

Scraps for attaching
Weight for base

 Butterflies and Big Polka Dots make a beautiful combination! Perfect for spring or Easter decor!

Big Polka Dots 11" Assorted


This 18" "Happy Easter Hatched Chicks" is so cute! I think that this would make the perfect combination with my lovely little chick that I made using the "Baby Chick" head.

I hope that this has given you just a little inspiration for spring, Easter, and Mother's Day!

Happy Ballooning!



Friday, March 3, 2017

Fabulous New Balloons!

I hope by now most of you have received a copy of or have seen the new Qualatex® Catalogue. If you haven't, you can easily view the online version by simply clicking on this LINK.

I know that you are all very busy, so I wanted to show you some of the new balloon collections that are featured in the new 2017 range, which I am sure that you will love as much as I do!

New Baby Balloons

I think that this fabulous new 24" "Baby Footprint" Deco Bubble is going to be a winner with customers! This wonderful footprint range is perfect for new babies and baby showers, too! 

NEW 24" Deco Bubble - "Baby Footprints" #49459

11" "Baby Footprints & Hearts" available in Rose and Robin's Egg Blue - check local catalogues for codes.

NEW 11" Baby Girl and Baby Boy Footprints & Hearts - only available in certain countries.

35" "Baby Feet Blue" #25851

35" "Baby Feet Pink" #25853

18" "Baby Boy LO(Feet)E" #25726

18" Baby Girl LO(Feet)E" #25746

Here is a display I made last month using the new Baby Footprint Deco Bubble and other coordinating balloons from the Footprint range.

U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675


Wow, we have some truly fabulous new birthday Microfoil® designs. Let's start with all things Smiley!

NEW 38" "Smiley Party Guy" #49360

NEW 18" "Birthday Smiley" #49057
Check out his fabulous reflective glasses.

NEW 9" Air-fill "Smile Face" #49411

NEW 9" Air-fill "Smiley Wink" #49428

NEW 9" Air-fill "Smiley Love" #49432

NEW 11" Smiley Star Bright Rainbow Assort. Please check local catalogues for code.

These lovely new 9" Air-fill Smiley Guys certainly know how to party!

Birthday Rainbow Confetti

Confetti balloons are a hot hot trend, making this next new collection a definite winner! Vibrant colours and milestone ages from 18 to 100! To complement these fabulous Microfoils are the 11" and 5" "Birthday Confetti Dots" and 11" "Confetti Dots."    

NEW 18" "Birthday Rainbow Confetti" #49496
18" "18 Rainbow Confetti" #49502 
18" "20 Rainbow Confetti" #49551
18" "21 Rainbow Confetti" #49508
18" "30 Rainbow Confetti" #49526
18" "40 Rainbow Confetti" #49532
18" "50 Rainbow Confetti" #49543
18" "60 Rainbow Confetti" #49548
18" "70 Rainbow Confetti" #49556
18" "80 Rainbow Confetti" #49559
18" "90 Rainbow Confetti" #49562
18" "100 Rainbow Confetti" #49565
11" "Confetti Dots" #52964
11" "Birthday Confetti Dots." Please check local catalogue for code.
5" "Birthday Confetti Dots." Only available in certain countries.

Don't forget that this lovely Confetti range works perfectly with the "Party Time! Colourful Dots" Bubble Balloon #23636 

Pink & Gold Collection

If you have read any of my recent posts, you will know that this is probably my favourite ever combination! I am really loving all the shades of pinks, gold, and a hint of glitter!

NEW 41" "Golden Crown" #49343
18" "Birthday Pink & Gold Dots" #49164
18" "Happy Birthday To You Pink & Gold" #49170
11" "Big Polka Dots" Pink, Wild Berry and Gold - Please check local catalogue for codes.
20" Deco Bubble "Big Polka Dots" #16872

There are so many fabulous new balloons in the 2017 Qualatex catalogue, I think it would take me a long time and a very long post to feature them all. So here are just a few more of my particular favourites!

18" "Birthday Pennants & Pink Stripes" #49144

18" "Birthday Floral Circle" #49052

36" "Cute Clown" #49403
And finally, the new fabulous Birthday Blue Sparkle Bubble Balloon range that beautifully complements the Birthday Blue Sparkle Microfoil balloons and the 11" Sparkle-A-Round.

NEW 22" "18 Blue Starburst Sparkle" #48439
NEW 22" "21 Blue Starburst Sparkle" #48441
NEW 22" "30 Blue Starburst Sparkle" #48443
NEW 22" "40 Blue Starburst Sparkle" #48445
NEW 22" "50 Blue Starburst Sparkle" #48447
NEW 22" "60 Blue Starburst Sparkle" #48449
18" "Birthday Blue Sparkle" #37919
36" "Birthday Blue Sparkle" #43216
11" "Birthday Sparkle" - please check local catalogue for codes.

I hope that you are as excited about our wonderful new balloon designs as I am! Let me know which is your favourite or the ones that you think your customers are going to love.

Happy Ballooning!